Star.png Yellow Chest is currently unobtainable.

This item was available for a limited time, and is no longer able to be obtained legitimately.


The Yellow Chest is a decoration in BABFT. They were sold for a limited time.

The Yellow Chest will drop a gold bar when it is destroyed by hitting rocks or other means, such as explosives. The gold bar will then either disappear or be destroyed after a few seconds. If the player manages to touch a gold bar, the player receives 1 Gold.

Using a block duplication glitch, the player can duplicate more chests to farm gold, but this is not an efficient method of farming.

Four Yellow Chests could have been obtained by using the code "cill trill", which is now expired.


  • After the Fall update in 2018, the yellow chest was no longer the only way to obtain a gold bar.
  • It is impractical to farm with this block due to gold bars despawning in a matter of seconds and the gold spawning on water most of the time.