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This article uses a name that is purely conjectural, and not approved by Build A Boat For Treasure developers.


The Wooden Crow's Nest is a block in BABFT. It can usually be found in rare to legendary chests. It serves as a decoration or a lookout. The Crow's Nest has no ladder, thus making players have to build up to the top.

At the treasure beach, there are two Wooden Crow’s Nests. One of them has a red flag, and the other has a blue one. Both of them had golden eggs on them when it was the 2018 Easter event.


  • Called "Mast" in workspace
  • Sometimes, hits on the block will not register, due to having a large obstacle contact hitbox but only a small damage hitbox. This leads to the block being very often used as a ram due to its tendency to not receive damage.
    • This is the basis of the lawnmower glitch.
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