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The Waterfall is a terrain at the end of the game. It will drop the player's boat onto rows of spikes. Then, the player floats to the treasure. Just like the Terrain Entrance, and Segment Divider Terrain, this has a 100% spawn rate


  • If a craft is small enough or was drastically mangled, it might be possible to fall off the waterfall, flip in mid-air and land upside-down, often causing the player to touch the water and eventually get killed.
  • It is recommended that the player save at least one seat for the waterfall, or be enclosed with a gap of no more than 1X2 If a player is unseated when the boat falls, they will often die in the resulting conflict. However, if a player is seated, they will stay on that seat no matter what.
  • Since the spikes are much higher than most Obstacles, they often reach the top of smaller boats that have roofs.