Water is a main feature in the game. If the player were to touch the river's water, it will damage and eventually kill them. Water that appears when launching the boat and the lighter colored water near the Treasure, will not deal damage unless the player moves on the water outside the Building Space.

Beneath the water is a platform of Sand. When the player touches the water, the player will sink down slightly and start to take damage.

Water does approximately 20 damage per second. It can also be replaced by lava in the Lava Terrain. Will make the player's legs sink slightly if walked on.


  • While water in Build A Boat For Treasure was visually designed to replicate real-life water, the ROBLOX texture used for it is actually sand colored blue.
  • In an earlier update, a gliding/floating character animation from the Roblox catalog would cause the player to hover over the water, and not take damage as a result. This was later patched in an update, of which the update in specific is unknown.
  • There might be ways to avoid damage dealt by water. Such as constantly jumping or using the Leviathan animation package as said above.