Uncommon Chests are one of the chests in the game. It costs 15 gold and carries materials from common chests and certain ones from rare. Getting rare blocks from uncommon is not too unusual.Since the uncommon chest is just 10 gold from a common, it would be better to get the uncommon.

Item Amount Rate
First Corroded Metal


1-5 1/2 (50%)
Second-Third Wood

Wood Post

Wooden Wedge

Wooden Corner

Wooden Seat

Wooden Table

Wooden Truss

Wooden Crow's Nest

Wooden Helm

Wooden Window

Wooden Door

Wooden Trapdoor


Corroded Metal Post

Metal Post

Steel I-Beam

Metal Seat


1-2 1/18 (5.6%)
Extra Uncommon Chest Block 1 1/100 (1%)