The UFO Terrain is a terrain in BABFT. The room has green goo flowing down the sides and UFOs hovering above. Crisis Mines lay in the water along with rocks. When a player is under a UFO, it will damage the player, even if the boat has a roof. Mines will explode when touched. The player can sometimes have body parts removed if sucked into the UFO beam.


  • Longer and often bigger crafts can get drastically damaged by the UFOs' beams, often getting snapped in half. Larger boats will thus most likely take longer to advance through the Terrain.
  • UFOs can cause boats to fling out of the terrain.
  • This was 2nd most hardest terrain, however the after being nerfed it dropped its ranking by a lot. This still makes it take a while for big boats to pass, so it is still very time consuming.
  • The UFO was nerfed to do no damage, instead it makes your boat fly into the air multiple times.