The Treasure is the end goal in Build a Boat for Treasure. It can be obtained by passing all the Terrains without dying and floating to the island. Upon touching it for the first time, it will reward the player the Master Boater! badge, unlocks quests, 1 Gold Block, and 100 gold (200 with Gold Multiplier and 125 gold with group perk, 225 with both). After touching it, the player will teleport back to their team space. Reaching the treasure after the first time will reward the players the same rewards, just not the badge or quest unlocking.


  • In the 2017 BABFT Christmas event, getting the treasure also awards the player with a large green present equal to 8 blocks.
  • Touching the treasure without passing through all Black Walls will cause the treasure to kill the player, and rewards the player with little or no gold, nor a gold block.
  • Normally, the amount of gold obtained (if any) when the player does not pass through any of the black walls is 3, 4 with Member, 6 with the Gold Multiplier gamepass, and 7 with both.
  • With the introduction of new terrains and the many glitches that have been patched, reaching the treasure has became increasingly harder.
  • There was a light tan shiny block with gold edges and had crosses on it, this was recently removed for an unknown reason after someone asked the creator about it.
  • It was previously possible to claim the treasure thousands of times consecutively by losing connection while standing on the chest, this glitch was later patched
  • Getting the giant soccer ball from the Soccer Quest to touch the treasure with reward the player with 10 soccer balls and 3000 gold.
  • The treasure has a "cooldown" when touched, and cannot reward or teleport another player for about 10 seconds.