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50 Star Jetpack is currently unobtainable.
This item was available for a limited time, and is no longer able to be obtained legitimately.

The Star Jetpack is an ability block added on 6/13/2019 during the 2 Million Favorites Update. It emits star particles that are yellow changing to blue. The Star Jetpack has the same height limit as all of the other jetpacks, except the Ultra Jetpack and the Steampunk Jetpack.


  • As of 6/13/2019, the Star Jetpack has a visual bug where the fuel indicators do not decrease even outside the player's base.
  • The Star Jetpack looks very similar to the Steampunk Jetpack, however, here are a few small differences.
    • The color of orange seems to be lighter than the color used on the Steampunk Jetpack.
    • Instead of the gear in the center, there is a star.
    • The wings of the Steampunk Jetpack have a pointed part towards the edge unlike the Star Jetpack which has a more flat upper side of the wing.
    • There are harpoon-like shapes coming up from the gear which resemble the hat on chillthrill709's avatar on the Steampunk Jetpack which are not present on the Star Jetpack.
  • If the jetpack is touching any block other than the seat the player is sitting in, the game will believe the player is doing a chair Glitch, and will cause an explosion at the player's location upon touching a Black Wall, destroying the jetpack, seat, and surrounding blocks.