The Soccer Ball Quest was a quest added on 01/11/2019. The goal is to move the large soccer ball into the net. The player who completes the quest will be rewarded a Soccer Ball, 50 Gold, 40 Ice and 40 Foil.

Fun Facts

  • The objective and goal is very similar to the one in Jailbreak.
  • The sound played at completion does not appear in chillthrill709's inventory.
  • The sound played at completion is from the gear Goala Cola.
  • Taking the giant soccer ball to the Treasure instead of the goal will result in you getting 10 Soccer Balls and 3000 Gold. This can only be done once as well.


Alternative Strategies

Treasure Completion
  • Use a harpoon to move the ball to the Treasure.
  • Use any type of jet turbine and fly over the Stages.
  • Use the flying Glitch to carry the ball to the end.
  • Sit and wait for the ball to reach the end, and push it to the treasure once it gets there.