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Saving Slots are slots that can save any custom ship the player creates. The save slots can load boats in, even in teams. The first three, A, B, C, and the Star Saving Slot are free to use, but extra save slots cost 100 ROBUX or 1000 gold or more. Depending on how many saves the player has, the cost of each save slot goes up each time a save is purchased. There are only 8 saving slots with a letter marking. The rest do not have a letter and have the exact same card icon. On 12/30/18, a new update was added that the first 13 save slots could be bought with 1000 gold. Players can also lock their saves to prevent them from accidentally saving.

A maximum of 109 saving slots may be obtained.

Current Saving Slots

Former Save Slot Gamepasses


  • As of 04/11/2018, users can now name their saving slots.
  • As of 04/21/2018, Slot C is now free, and users who bought C get an extra, and D and E are gone, however the player can still buy more saving slots for 100 ROBUX.
  • As of 06/12/2018, A new slot was made with a symbol of a star. It is an extra save slot that is given since the game has 1 million favorites.
  • As of 11/04/2018, The player can retrieve older saves for 15 Gold by using Load Old Versions
  • As of 12/12/2018, lost slots can be restored using the Restore Slots option in settings
  • As of 12/31/2018, The player can buy more slots with Gold, Previously purchased slots got turned into 5 Mega Thrusters per slot