Not to be confused with Sand Block.

Treasure Sand

Sand is a material in Build A Boat For Treasure. Sand located at the treasure is capable of destroying any Blocks upon contact. It is there to destroy players' Boats to let them get out.

Intertidal Zone Sand

Sand is exposed to boats when the water recedes. Sand will not damage boats in any way.

Underwater Sand

  • Sand also appears under the Water. This sand doesnt damage the player but it does keep them in the water causing them to take damage.


  • There are 5 types of sand so far. The one at the end, the block version, The Sand Block, the sand Underwater, water using the sand texture, and the one at the Intertidal Zone Terrain.
  • The Intertidal Zone Sand is bigger, and more stretched out, compared to the sand at the Treasure.
  • It's texture resembles the default ROBLOX texture for Sand, but it's texture is different from the Sand Block, which uses the texture.
  • Water also uses the same texture that resembles the default texture of Sand, with its difference being that it is colored blue.