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This article uses a name that is purely conjectural, and not approved by Build A Boat For Treasure developers.


Merging aka forming multiblocks is when a block that is larger than a regular block is formed by placing 2 or more (with the highest merge level setting) of the same Material together. When done, it forms one block that doubles or quadruples their materials' health retrospectively depending on how much blocks are merged. The green merge affects the merged block's health and hitbox. This means that the merged block will shrink when the health reaches closer to zero.

Merging Levels

In the 5/20/2018 update, merging levels were introduced.

  • Merging level one (red) disallows new blocks to form merged blocks, but will leave already merged blocks alone.
  • Merging level two (yellow) only allows 1x2 or 2x2 merged blocks.
  • Merging level three (green) allows an infinite amount of blocks merged such as a 3x4, 5x6, 13x16x3 and higher.

The default Merge setting is yellow. Old Boats may have a bug of cracked blocks. it can be fixed.