Master Boater! is a badge in Build A Boat For Treasure. It is acquired by touching the treasure for the first time at the end of the game. This badge will count towards getting Mega Member and Royal Member and is the only obtainable badge in BABFT currently (For normal players). It shows a treasure chest full of gold.

History (since 7/26/2018)

  • Before the 7/26/2018 update, due to multiple firework glitches that have not yet been patched in the game, the % of users obtaining the badge steadily increased as more users found out about the glitch.
  • The % of users obtaining the badge has now drastically dropped due to the patch of multiple firework glitches in the 7/26/2018 update.
  • Since the 8/9/2018 update, the % of users earning the badge has drastically dropped from 5.6% in 8/8/2018 to 3.6% in 8/10/2018 due to the difficulty of the 6 new terrains added into the game.
  • The % of users earning the badge started slowly increasing after the sharks were nerfed in the 8/12/2018 update.
  • Since the 3/24/2019 Update, the % of users earning the badge has increasing to 1.0% to now be 6.0% Of getting this badge due to Glitches.


  • Getting this badge unlocks quests. If a player had obtained this badge before quests were added, they will not receive quests until they reach the treasure.
  • The Master Boater badge was added on 6/4/2017.