Launch Boat is a button in Build A Boat For Treasure that un-anchors the players' boat and sends it into the river. If there is a team with more than two people, it will require 2 votes to launch (3 with four people, etc).


  • The Launch Boat function can be exploited. For example, when a Team consists of three players, two votes are required to launch all boats. A player can then activate their vote, leave the Team, and the boats of the now two players will launch. This is because only one vote is needed to launch crafts in a Team with two players.
  • Launching a boat while it is still loading will cause the boat to stay still. It will launch normally when it finishes loading.
  • The theme that plays when the player launches the boat is a slowed down, instrumental version of Champagne Sky by Haberdashery.
The theme that plays when you launch your boat