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The Jetpack is an item added on 6/1/2019 that is a placeable Block. The player can equip it by clicking it. It propels the player upwards (like a Thruster does) when the jump button is held. The Jetpack has a slightly reflective maroon body formed by two "tubes" and two wings. It propels the player a certain height, around 300 blocks in the air, before the player stops flying up, and begins hovering around the height limit. The Jetpack emits the same noise and particles as the Turbines when activated. It was obtained from the Rocket Egg after it hatched. Previously before the 3/30/2020 update, multiple Jetpacks can be equipped at once. This has now been patched.

The Jetpack has infinite fuel inside the Building Space, but outside of it, it has a minute worth of fuel. The fuel level is indicated on the back by the two green bars that go down as the fuel decreases. When the player is sitting or has blocks placed on it, the Jetpack explodes when touching the Black Walls, preventing flying glitches related to placing blocks on the player.

The initial Jetpack placed on the ground will disappear when equipped, appearing on the players back. The Jetpack also has extremely low weight, but the weight seems to lower once worn.


  • It breaks apart when the player dies.
  • It can be obtained in the Shop.
  • The Jetpack cannot be taken off after equipping it meaning the player has to reset, destroy it, or let it run out of fuel in order to take it off.
    • The Jetpack can be removed using the Delete Tool while the player is seated in a Pilot Seat or Car Seat.
    • This was changed during 3/30/20. The Jetpack can now be deleted without sitting on a chair.
  • Sometimes, when the player enters a Large Cannon, they may come out with the jetpack appearing as a large black rectangle, but other players do not see this change.
  • The Jetpack goes upward no matter what position they are, even if they are sideways or upside down.
  • If the player holds a Hand Cannon, the Jetpack can not lift unless the player unequips the hand cannon.
  • A player's Jetpack can be knocked off by an explosion from the Large Cannon if the player has PVP Mode on.
  • The Jetpack can be grabbed by the Magnet when the player is wearing it.
  • If the Jetpack is touching any block other than the seat the player is sitting in, the game will believe the player is doing a chair glitch, and will cause an explosion at the player's location upon touching a black wall, destroying the Jetpack, seat, and surrounding blocks.
  • There was a glitch that when a player is using a Jetpack, it could get attached to other blocks it touched, which allowed the player to build blocks on the Jetpack and fly towards the end. However, this glitch has been patched.
  • The Jetpack can by colored by the Blue Potion. In order to do this, turn PVP on and throw the blue potion at the Jetpack.
  • When the player wears a Jetpack while having the Blue Candy's effect, the Jetpack will lift the player faster.