Gold is a currency in BABFT. Gold can be earned by creating a boat, then passing Stages. It can be spent on items in shop, buying more saving slots, or loading overwritten saves . Gold is given based on how far the player travels inside the map, not above or below it. The game knows when the player passed a Stage because of the Black Walls at the end of a Stage. The game adds 4 (or 5 with +25% gold group perk) to the Earned Gold value. When the player dies the Gold Earned gets added to the balance. If the player closes the game (or lose connection to the server) before you actually got your earned gold, it will NOT be added to your balance. Since Wheel Boats and Jet packs go outside of the Stages the game does not count that as travelling. Rocket Wheel is sometimes in the map and sometimes out of it so it usually gives around 4-80 Gold. Sometimes the player will receive a Gold Block when it reaches the treasure but not the max amount of gold.

The maximum amount of gold that is currently possible to earn from the Treasure, without any glitches or exploits, is 225 gold, with both the Member perk and the Gold Multiplier Gamepass.

The most gold anyone can obtain at once is 3000, which is obtained when you use the alternative method to be the Soccer Ball Quest.

Tip:Redeem codes to get some gold and blocks as a head start if you new to game!