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50 Easter Jetpack is currently unobtainable.
This item was available for a limited time, and is no longer able to be obtained legitimately.

The Easter Jetpack is a block that can be purchased from the shop for 350 Gold during Easter 2021, or hatched from the Galaxy egg on 6/1/19. It is a thinner and purple version of the Jetpack but can only be obtained when it is Easter. The particles from the Easter Jetpack are a light blue version of that from thrusters/normal jetpack.


  • The color of the Easter Jetpack may refer to the difference in color of the Jet Turbine and Sonic Jet Turbine.
  • The player used to be able to equip more than one jetpack at the same time until the update in 3/30/20 removed that feature.
  • Used to break apart when the player dies until it was changed in the 3/30/20 update.
  • Has a maximum height of roughly 255 blocks before being unable to gain altitude. If you stop holding the jump key a few blocks before you hit the max height limit, you will still carry on flying for a few seconds due to the high power and momentum of this jetpack
  • When the user steps on an Obstacle and loses the ability to stand straight up, the jetpack still moves the player only upwards.
  • Sometimes, when a player enters a Large Cannon and then exits, the jetpack will appear very blocky. However, this does not change the Easter Jetpack's abilities or usage.
  • The player can unequip the Easter Jetpack by deleting it with the Delete Tool.
  • If the Easter Jetpack is touching any block other than the seat the player is sitting in, the game will believe the player is doing a chair Glitch, and will cause an explosion at the player's location upon touching a Black Wall, destroying the jetpack, seat, and surrounding blocks.
  • There is a glitch where if the player has the Easter Jetpack or any jetpack on, enters the Egg Cannon, shoots, and hits an obstacle, the player will turn small as the Blue Candy effect.