Chests are a major feature in BABFT. Chests can be found through the Shop menu in-game. When opened, they give the player a certain amount of blocks, which can be found by dividing the price of the chest by 5. Costs of chests depend on its rarity, each chest (except for the common) is the price of the previous multiplied by 3.


Common Chest:


Price: 5 Gold

Common Chests are the cheapest chest in the game. They usually give out weak starter items such as wood blocks and they only cost 5 gold to purchase. It has a very small chance to drop a Common Chest Block.

Uncommon Chest:


Price: 15 Gold

Uncommon Chests are the second cheapest chest in the game. They typically hold better materials than the common chest, thus having the cost of 15 gold. It has a very small chance to drop an Uncommon Chest Block.

Rare Chest:


Price: 45 Gold

Rare Chests are currently the third best chest in the game. The chest can give materials, such as Cannons, Banners, Marble, and Metal. They cost 45 gold. It has a very small chance to drop a Rare Chest Block.

Epic Chest:


Price: 135 Gold

Epic Chests are one of the best and most expensive chests in the game. Upon buying, it will give mostly strong blocks, such as Metal and Marble. When purchased, it will give 23+ blocks of either Diamond Plate or Concrete, making it one of the best chests for farming Diamond Plates. They cost 135 gold. This chest used to be the rarest chest until the Legendary Chest replaced it. It has a very small chance to drop an "epic chest" item that can be placed.

Legendary Chest:


Price: 405 Gold

Legendary Chests are currently the best chests in the game, and the most expensive. Legendary Chests are the only chests to reward White Thrusters and a chance to drop Harpoons. They also have the highest chance to reward Obsidian. They cost 405 gold. This chest was added some time ago but was not in the original game. It has a very small chance to drop a Legendary Chest Block, one of the hardest obtainable item in the game to date.