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This article uses a name that is purely conjectural, and not approved by Build A Boat For Treasure developers.


The Cannon Terrain is a terrain in BABFT. In this room, two rows of cannons line the walls, each firing when a block is in their view. This room can kill the player, destroy their chair, and/or destroy most of their boat. Gun Ports can be found in this terrain and do a lot of damage. This terrain usually appears as the last few terrains.

It is known to be one of the hardest terrains in the game, due to the fact that the player's boat gets hit rapidly for a long period of time. The cannons are able to pierce the 3rd most durable material in the game (Diamond Plate) in under 3 hits.


  • If the player can position a relatively small and thin boat in the middle of the terrain, it may be possible to avoid getting shot at by the rows of cannons. The easiest team to do this in is the White Team.
  • Having a wider and bigger ship puts you at the disadvantage of being fired at from both sides, maximizing the damage output of the cannons.
  • Putting a "decoy" in front of a craft often distracts the cannons and lets them fire at the blocks prior to the actual ship due to their function to shoot at the first objects that pass.