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This article uses a name that is purely conjectural, and not approved by Build A Boat For Treasure developers.


The Cake is a block in Build A Boat For Treasure. 10 cakes are given out to users on their account anniversary. The number of sprinkles on the cake tells the player how many hit points it has left. A glitch has been found that shows the cake without its cream and toppings, leaving just a brown slab.

While being surprisingly durable, it is incredibly lightweight.

How To Obtain

  • Various codes (including Bumfuzzling Taradiddle, 500k likes and Happy Easter) give the player cakes. The amount may vary.
  • Playing in the account anniversary (found on the bottom of the profile) for 10 cakes. This does not include the day the account was created.
  • Taking a brown friendly gingerbread man to the treasure for 1 cake
  • Taking a non-brown friendly gingerbread man to the treasure for 3 cakes
  • Completing the Blue Present Quest.


  • Cake is an alternative to the firework in the firework Glitch Patched
  • The cake has a very high number of hitpoints, making it stronger than most material blocks.
  • The player can climb cakes stacked up on each other.