Build A Boat For Treasure (BABFT in short) is a ROBLOX game this wiki is based around.

BABFT was developed by Chillz Studios, More so by Chillthrill709. The game is centered around building a boat, surviving multiple areas, and reaching the treasure at the end.


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Boats are the key to victory in this "Build to Survive" type game. Players typically join teams to attach parts together and potentially reach the end. The boats must pass obstacles to get to the end. The stronger the boat is, the more likely it is to reach the end.


Main article: Terrains

As players progress through the game, they will encounter zones, nicknamed "Stages". Each stage has its own obstacles, such as rocks or sea mines. They serve as a sort of test for the player's boat building skills.


Main article: Treasure

Players are rewarded a Treasure upon passing all the Terrains. Upon reaching the end of the stages, there will be a drop from a waterfall into a few rock spikes. If player survives, their boat floats to the sandbank, where a treasure chest will be present. When touched, it rewards players with 100 gold and a gold block (200 with Gold Multiplier and 125 with being a Chillz Studios group member, 225 with both).


Main article: Quests

Once the player has collected the treasure at least once, they will unlock quests. Quests are extra objectives for the player to accomplish. They give the player rewards such as gold and unique blocks. Gold given by quests does not get doubled by the Gold Multiplier and not increased by being a Chillz Studios group member.