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Players building boats

Boats are one of the main features in Build a Boat For Treasure. Boats can be made out of any blocks and can be launched with the Launch Boat Button. To make a boat, the player simply has to add any material and then use the Launch Button to launch it. It has been disputed that the boats are called rafts or floating objects, due to the fact the game is yet to add oars.


  • Place the stronger blocks first and in the middle, and place weaker blocks as a Defense.
  • Form a team with someone else to create a bigger and better ship. (WARNING: if the player leaves, then all of their blocks will disappear.)
  • The player should build a roof over the chair or boat just in case the boat flips over, this will help prevent death from touching water or obstacles.
  • The player does not need to use all of the blocks or have a lot of blocks to have a good ship, as a matter of fact, too many blocks can be a liability.
  • If possible, form a Multiblock as it will strengthen the ship.
  • Factors such as loose blocks, blocks inside other blocks, unseated players, and low internet speed can negatively affect the speed of any build that is placed on water. Block count and block weight is not a factor in this, which is why a 10,000+ block ship will move about as fast as a 10 block ship.
  • Do not make the boat really strong in just one area because factors like rocks, geysers, and giant stone balls can turn it, leaving the weaker areas exposed.
  • When Isolation Mode is turned on, other players cannot collide with the boat. This will not stop them from sitting in seats and interacting with various other ability blocks.
  • When loading a save for a boat, the top right of the screen will display the message "Loading boat...". Resetting while the message is loading will stop the message from being displayed.
  • Anchor Blocks that are floating when building in the building space will drop when the boat is launched.