• NoobOfCrowns


    August 25, 2019 by NoobOfCrowns


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  • Hmmwhat


    August 20, 2019 by Hmmwhat

    this is a random blog post =)

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  • Hmmwhat


    August 18, 2019 by Hmmwhat

    This page has nothing to do with the name because this is a local newspaper. A chicken killed a million people last year and was arrested for stuff so dont bother commenting here because this is a thing that a mess around. GwakLoff, the chicken who killed them, got sent to prison. This is the last time he got captured. If he escapes run in circles he used his beak to kill us. He even sank USS Gerald Ford! If you see him call 911.

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  • EpicGuineaPig900919

    This is a list of blocks that should be added. There might also be some chests or features that should be added too.

    1. Teleporter: The teleporter cannot teleport through black walls. It costs 9,000 gold for two teleporters and the binding tool can be used to make teleporters be assigned to eachother. You can also buy a set of two for 800 robux. Has 3 health. Weighs nothing.
    2. Mythic chest: Gives at least 250 blocks. The Mythic chest costs 1,000 gold and includes all the best blocks (Maybe twice as many things and twice as much chance of them as legendary chest?). The chest block has a 0.1% chance of obtaining. You can also have a chance of getting a gold block.
    3. Computer pack: Has sensors, wires, power sources, and lights that turn on and off. You…
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  • Latvian Guinea Pig-Human Hybrids




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  • Chakrey

    Well, your first answer might be no, but I have my reasons, too. I don't just edit to get more edits, I edit because I should. Because there are mistakes in the pages. Any comments on this?

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  • FamdomUser99

    Upcoming Updates

    July 2, 2019 by FamdomUser99

    confirmed update 1: 4th of july because 3 more days before release! Expecting fireworks

    confirmed update 2: on discord he said he's working on a new feature (ex quest,shop,settings,etc) 

    confirmed update 3: the huge update: remember last time where he made planes well he dose it every year and it after the 2 updates above 

    disclaimer: i might be wrong because i got these by youtubers and i am not excatly sure alot but not lies just a great guess. 

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  • Bluewolf4012

    You probably dont know me much but i am a war person and i have many suggestions they should add.

    1.More ability blocks usable with pilot/car seat

    2.Cannons "the new type" cannons that could be used with pilot or car seat and uses yaw axis

    3.Hovering materialized mechanizms,i wanted this since day one,what i think is that it would go up slowly but the more HMM you have, the faster it would ascend

    4.Rotater,you might think im very dumb and we have wheels,but no, a one with circle like base and it could turn with car seat or pilot,this could go well with cannon

    5.Modern day stuff,this means a better weapon layout for the new mode pvp.

    6.Moor hatches,doors.doors/hatches you can control with pilot or car seats.

    And lasts but not least bombs that expl…

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  • Rjracer07

    New eggs?

    May 25, 2019 by Rjracer07

    When are the eggs going to hatch? Maybe Chillthrill needed a break or is making some massive update soon to come to BABFT. I predict the eggs are going to lead to something a lot larger than the other eggs. Please leave what you think in the comments.

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  • Inamorta777

    The "Conjectural Crusade" started because of a new addition to the Manual of Style. It states that anything that is not confirmed by any in-game text gets the conjectural template. It started over a conversation over if Workspace names are accurate and true, which wasn't the case.

    If there are any questions over this event, hopefully, you know where to ask the questions.

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  • FurriestWolf

    Hello, I am FurriestWolf. I see that my edit count has a portion that does not represent my realistic edit count, and wish for it to be revoked from. Literally anything you do counts as an edit: comment, message wall, even your own personal css. 

    Because of how the wikia works, all edits are logged, and therefore cannot be terminated. I am trying to revoke from the edit count, as "trial and error" edits were made. These edits were attempts at uploading and formatting gifs, of which by default are tedious to upload and format. I am only seeking a way to revoke from the edit count. I am willing to contact support to have this happen, so long as the administrators (e.g. Luna) consent to the subtraction of my edit count. I have made around 40 e…

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  • FurriestWolf

    When going through BABFT comments, some may be found interesting or have helpful keywords. I am ondereing about the potential of adding such a feature or if it already exists in another search engine for the wiki. Any thoughts?

    I also find that having the BABFT Discord separated is quite dissapointing, as it is home to many images that would prove vital to the growth of the wiki itself. I myself mistook a discord image gif for one on the wiki, hence my last blog post.

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  • 2Think

    New but not Noob

    April 15, 2019 by 2Think

    Hello everyone, I am a new member of this server but I am far from new, I have been playing ever since the summer of 2017. If you ever need help with a build or have a question I will be here. I love to mess around and test the limits of BABFT. I was one of the first people to figure out a flying glitch, this was way back when the winter thrusters were first introduced, I remember me and a friend always working together to fly to the end and get gold (this was before the black walls would blow you up). Anyway I will probably be posting more on this blog soon, see ya.

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  • FurriestWolf

    Never mind, I found it elsewhere, but for good reason! I recall now that it was from the wiki's discord server:

    It will prove useful in many, many designs. I note that this is without it in a boat, of which magnets interacting with magnets are known to... launch your boat into oblivion. Note that this isnt my design, this is someone else's design.

    This will work on "boat maps" alongside several other things, it could count as a toggleable binary switch too, but those wouldn't be close to reliable in most to all designs, as roblox physics are unreliable, and even more so when it is moving in a boat. 

    If the design works horizontally, then it is more than suitable for intricate boat designs.

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  • Thecatpug

    Hello, I'm new here :)

    Thats really just all.

    Does anybody know how to add pictures in a blog post?

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  • LunaStar724

    Hey guys. So, as you know, the 3rd Boat Building Competition is currently running.

    Due to unforeseen inconveniences, the competition is cancelled. Another competition is running on the Discord, and we don't have enough resources to run this one.

    To all those who submitted, thank you for your submissions, they will be added in Community Boats soon.

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  • Imorta777

    One day you decide to build rigging, an exo-suit with cannons, and it comes with the soul of the ship. Like if you build Jintsuu rigging, Jintsuu's soul will be in the rigging. You can remove as much or as little of the soul, but how much of the soul left is how much you can control the rigging and how much you look like the soul. It will have a chance to control your body no matter how much percentage of the soul is in there, except 0%. Once it does start to control you, you can fight it or let it coexist. When it does start to control you, you will feel excruciating pain where your head shoots up, your eyes are wide open, all of your muscles tense up, and you will fall to your knees.

    When you agree to coexist with the soul, the soul will …

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  • MGB498

    Black & White

    March 31, 2019 by MGB498

    Today when I checked the wiki, it became black and white, along with a new font. Is anyone else getting this too? I want it to be back into color.. Could be a line of code someone did

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  • LunaStar724
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  • Andythpro

    BABFT boat designs

    March 28, 2019 by Andythpro

    There are many different boat designs in BABFT. You can find some of the boats here

    Some of the best boat designs that get you to the end are the thinnest ones. The thinnner you boat is, the less blocks it will hit. But a bad thing about this strategy is that if you boat turns sideways, you will end up hitting more blocks.

    If you have any ideas, tell me!

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  • LunaStar724

    For one month, and one month only...

    The Wikia's 3rd Boat Building Competition!

    Let's cut into the chase, shall we. No class scaling, Class 2+ only, Final Destination.

    To be honest, you don't really need a high IQ to understand what the theme is at this point.

    Theme. Guidelines. Give. Now.

    • Any Internet meme, whether old or new
    • Class 2, nothing less.
    • Community Guidelines. What are they for? Spoiler: Not getting blocked.

    Submissions will be thrown into the comment section of this blog post or smashed into my DMs (Discord: Luna Starshine#1069). If you throw it somewhere else, it dies, and will not be able to make it to the competition.

    Some cool swag you'll receive:

    Top 5 and 4

    • Their build @everyone'd in the Discord server
    • Level 50 Boss rank (Elite Build…

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  • MGB498

    60 Days On The Wiki

    March 10, 2019 by MGB498

    Today, I’ve managed to get a badge that only one other person has earned. That is the Dedicated badge. For being on the wiki 60 days. I plan to attempt to get the Addicted badge, which no one has earned, because it is 100.



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  • LunaStar724

    Hello everyone! The recent boat building competition has ended, and we are now casting votes!

    You may view the list of submissions here:

    Community Boats/2nd Boat Building Competition Submissions

    Vote wisely!

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  • LunaStar724

    The Two Ships

    March 8, 2019 by LunaStar724


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  • Matthewthecowboy

    1st Most popular grinding method: The “Planker” One of the most simple grinders ever created, the planker is simply 4 long lines attached to a central hub containing a pilot seat. In order to make one, you require a pilot seat, and at least 100 blocks of the block material that you want to create your planker with.

    2nd Most popular grinding method: The “Wheel” Although many have switched to other, more effective grinding methods, the wheel remains a good grinding method to those who do not own pilot seats. It is slightly more complicated to create than a planker, because you require to make the wheel “balanced”. To make such a wheel, you require at least 4 thrusters, 1 button or lever, 1 ghost block (butter), and at least 16 blocks of the b…

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  • BornAstro

    multiple blocks

    March 6, 2019 by BornAstro

    Would having multiple blocks of something your not supposed to have one or more of bad?

    ex: mysteries, chillthrill plsuhie, etc

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  • LunaStar724

    1,286 words, 6,779 characters, 96 sentences

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  • Imorta777

    Random story

    March 4, 2019 by Imorta777

    Jimk was around 10 years old in a quite wealthy town, he had all basic needs exceeded and had a happy life. He thought to himself "Why settle for this when I could make a better town?", and so he did a few years later trying to live a better life. Most lands were claimed, so he had to settle with a sad lump of land with barely any vegetation. Jimk now knew why this land was free, the land was so barren that even the cacti are dying from lack of water. This large problem did not deter Jimk, he was quite determined to make this land into something and live as comfortably as possible. He started watering the cracked dirt that is next to vegetation so he can stimulate growth and hopefully spread into his area. This worked to some success, but …

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  • Imorta777

    I will try not to seem biased in this. For TL:DR, scroll to the bottom

    Jimk was the owner of Discord and he was a crazy fellow. He made some weird decisions which made some people unhappy, but the people that were affected didn't see why they should go against him. This happened multiple times with Jimk pinging everyone (@everyone, @here), but it wasn't a big deal. He did some questionable stuff such as, pinging people for bad reasons (small updates that added a block or so [dramatisized]), promoting people out of the wazoo (which wasn't too bad but we made a joke where you had to speak and you get moderator), and kicking people for small reasons. Soon people started to show discontent, but Jimk ignored it or didn't read it on accident. It …

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  • LunaStar724

    1,080 words, 5,669 characters, 92 sentences

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  • LunaStar724

    Presenting: The Wikia's 2nd Boat Building Competition!

    The winners of the 1st boat building competition can be found here.

    In light of the demand for the favor of smaller boats winning competitions, this competition will have a different formula for the score than that of the 1st boat building competition. The score (in votes) of the boat will be divided by the natural exponent of the class of the boat (minus one), divided by 2π.

    A lot to take in? It basically means that the larger your boat, the less your score. Why? Because we want to encourage the creativity of our users while using as little materials as possible.

    Now, on to the theme of this competition!

    The theme of the boat will be based on:

    • Any non-ROBLOX video game of the player's choi…
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  • MGB498

    Community Boats & Trivia

    February 17, 2019 by MGB498

    I feel that Community Boats and trivia should not be deleted. Why? I’ll tell you.

    Community Boats should not be deleted because it is a wonderful place for people to show their boats with pride. If there were not any community boats, no one would be able to see other’s boats and get inspired. I usually do not build boats, but when I look at the community boats page it inspires me to build boats.

    Quick question, is trivia the trivia at the bottom of the page? I’ll finish this later

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  • Jinglebelbells

    my jet turbine broke

    February 17, 2019 by Jinglebelbells

    when flying i hitted a tree and i broke my jet turbine

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  • Killater2008 32

    best way to the end

    February 13, 2019 by Killater2008 32

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  • Imorta777

    Just a back up for Discord

    February 11, 2019 by Imorta777

    ***Role info/How to obtain***
    **Holdership**: This is a role for Luna Starshine#1069, and this shows that she is the current owner of this Discord.
    **Bureaucrat**: They are people who are founders of the Wikia or Discord. There is an exception such as helping the Wikia a lot, making constant edits, and being helpful in Wikia and/or Discord.
    **Duke of the Empire (Admins)**: These are people who help with CSS in the Wikia. It is not currently possible for anyone in Discord to get Admin.
    **Marquess Of The Empire (Helper)**: These are people who helped the Wikia or Discord enough in its early stages. They have technically created them from the ground up.
    **BABFT Staff**: They are people who helped Chill develop BABFT by making stages, script, or it…

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  • Mobius 1 IUN

    According to some recent experimentation i discovered that weight imbalance can affect aircraft maneuverability. with some more experimentation, i created Spencerperc as well as myself an X-02 Wyvern in BABFT.

    After some observations with rotating forward swept wings, i discovered that the aircraft would automatically do three things when the rotating forward swept wings were set to certain positions:

    • When set all the way back, the aircraft would automatically push upward. Leaving it like this for long enough would cause the aircraft to rapidly spin, turn and eventually level out. I called this "hypermaneuverability".
    • When set in the middle, the aircraft would automatically level out, going directly straight. How it knew where the ground was…
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  • LunaStar724

    Hello everyone! The recent boat building competition has ended, and now we are hosting a vote for the best boat!

    To see the list of boats, go to Community Boats/1st Boat Building Competition Submissions.

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  • LunaStar724

    1,463 words 7,797 characters, 91 sentences

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  • LunaStar724

    Remember You - Prologue

    February 8, 2019 by LunaStar724

    This was where the bookmark on the captain's dictionary was when it happpened.

    No one was certain what was happening.

    No one knew it was gonna happen.

    No one even knew the fate they were going to meet when they boarded the ship.

    No one, no one except them.

    The one who did this.

    The one who started it all.

    It was a nice day over at the port. The brand new cruise ship, the Regina, a class 12 beauty made to sail across the planet's biggest ocean, made by the lustrous family of the Robuxians, has finished its construction. It was set to go to a destination across the large gaping ocean, a destination whose myths tell has a lot of treasure, wealth, and fame. Only a few of the wealthiest and richest Robloxians have ever made it into this destination, b…

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  • MGB498

    oh wowie!!!

    February 8, 2019 by MGB498

    I’ve contributed to the wiki for 30 days straight..they may not be edits to pages but instead comments!8

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  • RainbowderpHG


    February 5, 2019 by RainbowderpHG

    This is an test

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  • LunaStar724

    Luna Starshine (talk) 03:37, January 31, 2019 (UTC)

    The following is a fictitious piece of literature and some features suggested here may not be implemented in the actual game.

    This one is relatively shorter than the others. Take this as a prologue of the Part 2 of the series.

    536 words, 3,025 characters, 28 sentences

    15 years have passed. The lands of Buildboatia have healed from the scars of the war that had happened. All seven countries have united, and is pushing together for one cause: progress and development for the sake of the planet. The moon has been successfully colonized, and it has been rendered habitable by new technologies discovered over the years. The huge hole in the moon is being mined for its resources, and the sudden infl…

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  • MGB498


    January 28, 2019 by MGB498


    (i mean, only the badge, because the wiki has edits, so yeah)

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  • Xxskeletonplaysxx


    January 25, 2019 by Xxskeletonplaysxx

    theres a 90% chance imma stop contributing to the wiki for a while after feburary 4th-8th so i can play kh3 which was execpted to last a single person 72 hours (3 days) of gameplay to complete

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  • MGB498

    Project HEN

    January 21, 2019 by MGB498

    Project HEN

    I introduce to you, Project HEN! Project HEN is a project to build a mid-sized 1 person supersonic jet. Project HEN was started on January 20, 2019 out of boredom by MGB498. The project slowly built and tested, until MGB498 lost connection one time so the jet had to be rebuilt.

    This page will be edited as the project goes on. The project will be posted to the page Community Boats when fully done.

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  • LunaStar724

    As some of you may have known, very recently, the Wikia's Discord server has reached 1,000 members, and the Wikia itself has reached 20,000 edits! Now, in order to celebrate, we will be hosting a boat building competition, here on the Wikia.

    Valid submissions are placed here.

    The theme of the boat will be based on both of these two things:

    • 1,000 Discord server members
    • 20,000 Wikia edits

    There are several criteria that must be matched by the boat. The boat must:

    • Comply with the Community Guidelines
    • Follow the two themes given above
    • Be of Class 5 or higher
    • Be as creative as possible!

    Submissions will be in the comments section of this blog post, in the #community-boats channel of the Discord server, or in the comments section of the Community Boats page c…

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  • MGB498

    The Morph Gamepasses

    January 10, 2019 by MGB498

    I have been thinking, "Are the morph gamepasses worth it?" I have the chicken and penguin morphs, and I hardly use them. The fox and chickens are near identical, except for the animal. I haven't ever seen anyone ingame use these. What are the pros about these gamepasses? The jump power? The speed? I have no idea. The morph gamepasses should maybe have their price lowered a little.

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  • Mobius 1 IUN

    Manual Of Style

    December 13, 2018 by Mobius 1 IUN

    So, i've been noticing that this wiki doesn't have a manual of style other than some small rules set in Community Guidelines. Could we possibly have a manual of style to make some articles more consistent? And, if so, i have a few suggestions to include.

    1. Articles should not use "doesn't" and should be corrected to "does not", as this is the standard for encyclopedic purposes.
    2. Don't add anything to articles that do not contribute to the information. (saying this because i saw someone put "code is expired :P" instead of just "(code has expired)" on an article).

    you can add to this suggestion list for things that should be included in a manual of style in the comments down below.

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  • Actualsuperluqman234


    December 9, 2018 by Actualsuperluqman234

    in the comments below plz explain how to make a category as i found something that needs a category

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  • GrassyRespector


    December 1, 2018 by GrassyRespector

    that's it, just hello

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